5 Family Holiday Must Haves!

Right lads, let’s get one thing straight before we continue. The title may be a tad exaggerated. ‘Must Haves’ is a fairly strong claim to make! But look, ‘things you and the kids may or may not like for your holidays’ just doesn’t cut the mustard really, does it? So we will leave it as it is.

Moving swiftly on…

It is no secret that we are partial to the odd holiday. On top of this, I am also what you would call a marketers dream. If you tell me that I need something, because it is the latest and greatest gizmo, then you can be guaranteed I will buy it without a second thought. As a result of this, we have tried and tested an awful lot of travel gadgets and accessories throughout our travels. Some good, some great, and some downright diabolical.

For the purposes of this blog post I will stick to our favourite travel accessories. Keep your eyes peeled on the website though, because we will be naming and shaming the useless stuff very soon.

Without further ado..

Infababy ezeego lunar black

First up we have the Infababy Ezeego Stroller in Lunar Black. It costs less than €80 at the minute and it would give any of the expensive brands a run for their money.

It is sturdy, lightweight, lies flat for easy napping, suitable for newborns, comes with a rain cover, folds up really small, comes with a travel bag that you can pop it into when travelling, fits behind the drivers seat in a small hatchback car, and it looks way more expensive than it is. We have actually been using this as our main stroller at home for the past few weeks too, as I may or may not have driven off and left our other stroller at the playground, and it has been perfect.

Next, is kids luggage. Love them or hate them, kids ride on suitcases will be a god send in the airport. There are two that we love, so depending on the age of your kids we would recommend either:

A Trunki, which we found great up to age 4.

Trunki kids ride on suitcase
Scooter suitcase

Or, a Scootcase which is suitable from age 4 – 8 years.

Ellie on her scootcase

If you are anything like me, then you will love taking a million photos on holidays. Don’t fall into the trap of buying an expensive waterproof camera for taking underwater photos and photos in and around the pool.

These are the phone covers that we have, for taking pics in the pool. You get 2 in a pack and they will only set you back a tenner. Just make sure to test them out first before submerging your €1,000 iPhone under the water.

Waterproof phone cover

Last but not least, we have the hooded towels for the kids. These are a godsend for when they get out of the pool, and are screaming blue murder about how they are about to freeze to death.

We hope you love all of these travel accessories as much as we do.


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