3 Ways to remember your family holidays forever

The days of collecting fridge magnets are numbered. With most household appliances now being integrated, there are not many places around the home that you can display the hundreds of magnets that you have accumulated over the years.

It wasn't me

How many magnets have you thrown out because they have either fallen off the fridge or been knocked off by a curious toddler…

So, what else can you do/collect to remember those family holidays?


Holiday postcards

Collecting postcards from every trip is a great alternative to magnets. The kids can write their own special memories on the back of each postcard, and you can display them in a photo album when you get home. If the kids are too young to write the postcards themselves, then you can ask them what they loved about the trip and write it for them. You can look back on this photo album for years to come, and you can be sure that the kids will cherish it long after you’re gone.


Travel email address

Setting up a travel email address for the kids, e.g. [janestravels@gmail.com] is an amazing way to store the memories from your special family trips. Imagine how special their 18th birthday will be when you all sit down together to take a trip down memory lane and relive all of their exciting adventures.

Travel Diary

Travel diary

Travel diaries are a great way to document your family trips. You can download a travel diary app straight to your phone or tablet from the app store on your device. Just search for: travel diary, and find one that suits you. Most apps will allow you to turn your diary into a physical book. So, once you finish saving all your memories, maps, and photos from your trip to your travel diary, you can print it out, making a great little keepsake for the whole family to enjoy.

Journi is one of the available travel diaries that let’s you track and print your trips. The app can be downloaded from the following link:


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